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Hi! We're Ryan and Ashley Turner.
A year and a half ago, we were engaged and planning a wedding on a very tight budget. We wanted an outdoor wedding with a rustic vintage vibe. We envisioned having our wedding in an old barn, but after looking around at venues, we realized that they would all blow our budget.
So instead of spending a crazy amount of money on another location,  we decided to invest in a barn of our very own. We had recently bought our dream home on twenty-three acres. Part of the acreage was a huge grassy pasture with an incredible view of the Sacramento Valley and the Sutter Buttes. It was the perfect place to build the barn. One month before our wedding, construction on the cedar pole barn began. We wanted it to have that older look, so we used old tin roofing salvaged from a nearby friend's ranch.

In April of 2013, our friends and family came up to the ranch to enjoy our ceremony in a field flush with wildflowers, followed by dinner and dancing in the barn. Guests were amazed at the location and how the barn turned out. We could not have been happier.

We put a lot of time and elbow grease into making the day reflect us and our style: rustic, casual, with a little vintage flair. Many of the details were DIY projects. The rest were thanks to the incredible Raegen and Nick Elrod of Anything's Possible Events & More.

Aside from the barn (a wedding gift to ourselves), we pulled off our wedding on a very small budget. We would love to help you do the same! Our place is much too beautiful to keep to ourselves. We want to share it with other couples who are looking for a rustic outdoor venue without breaking the bank. 

Feel free to contact us and come see The Savage Flower Ranch, our own little piece of heaven.

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